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Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust Case Study

Stephanie Brooks, Clare Austin, Rachel Gregoire and Stephen Troup recently conducted a case study of our systems in use at the Hewitt Fertility Centre, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust. We’re delighted to share that the study was successful, and publish the associated Poster Presentation.

“Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags are routinely used in IVF witnessing systems worldwide but their use for long term storage at low temperatures has been, thus far, excluded. A new RFID tag (Cryogatt Systems Ltd) is now available that is effective at the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196°C). In the UK,  gametes can potentially be stored (commonly in liquid nitrogen) for up to 55 years and before implementing new products into routine practice, assurances of safety should  be determined. The study aim is to determine the effect of these new RFID tags on sperm quality when used in liquid nitrogen.”

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