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Cryogenic RIFD Applications for Agricultural and Plant Biotechnology

The application of our products:

Sample Tracking and Management:

RFID tags are affixed to sample containers, providing a unique digital identifier for each sample. This enables accurate and automated tracking of samples within the cryogenic storage environment.

Inventory Management:

RFID-enabled tracking streamlines inventory management by automatically updating records when samples are added, removed, or transferred within the cryogenic storage facility.

Sample Retrieval and Disbursement:

RFID-enabled systems can guide staff to the exact location of the desired sample, reducing retrieval time and minimizing potential disruptions to other stored samples.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Integration:

Our system can integrate with electronic medical record systems, ensuring that patient and procedure information is consistently updated and easily accessible.

Regulatory Compliance and Audit Trail:

Our system provides an automated audit trail of sample storage activities, supporting compliance with regulatory standards and quality assurance.

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