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About Us

Founded in 2010, Cryogatt is a privately funded company dedicated to the development and deployment of cutting-edge RFID systems that assist in the tracking of critical assets under extreme temperature, reliably operating between room temperature and -196°C.

Cryogatt commissioned the research into development and delivery of RFID tags that could be sterilised and inserted into disposables at the manufacturing stage; and ensured that these tags would work in the very low temperature environment. Cryogatt Systems is the only company to provide this type of tag.

With the use of RFID, the Cryogatt Tagging System can now assign every asset, donor, recipient, and process outcome, to each sample and subsample.

This is no longer just about locating an asset but enhancing the quality of information being held by the asset and making the whole process of data collection, process management, SOP (standard operating procedure), and compliance accurate all of the time, through the sample’s entire “life”.