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Since its establishment in 2010, Cryogatt has remained dedicated to the research, development and deployment of RFID systems optimised for the identification and monitoring of critical assets, with reliable operation down to -196°C.

Cryogatt has developed functional, cryo-resistant RFID tags that could be sterilised and inserted into disposables at the manufacturing stage. This is a pioneering technology and Cryogatt Systems is the only company to provide this type of tag.

Cryogatt’s RFID solution goes beyond the traditional scope of asset tracking. It enriches each asset’s data profile significantly when compared to conventional methods. This is achieved by storing comprehensive records for each sample with compliance to regulatory standards.

Cryogatt’s approach optimises the processes of data collection, management, adherence to SOP (standard operating procedure) guidelines, and regulatory compliance throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset.