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Managing Cryogenic Storage Just Got Easier and Safer with Cryogatt  rfid Technology


Difficulty in locating vials or fertility straws, labels obscured or damaged, ‘lab hours’ lost searching and auditing, risk of sample damage with temperature rise, wrong sample retrieved, samples lost………..


“Where did I put that sample?”

To locate, identify and retrieve a crucial tissue sample or fertility straw from cryogenic storage can cost a surprisingly large amount of lost “lab hours”.

“I’m sure it’s in here somewhere”

To scan or read a printed or hand written label on a frosted box or in the vapour phase of a Dewar without compromising the temperature of the vials and placing the samples at risk is often impossible.

“How long is this audit going to take?”

Physical audits are labour intensive and time consuming with no guarantee of correct location or identification of your samples.



The Cryogatt RFID Tagging System is the solution

This globally unique system is designed to operate at temperatures as low as -196C and provides immediate traceability of every sample at any time. The correct sample is always selected, a rolling audit is created of all transactions and a physical audit performed in a matter of minutes, the database updated in real time so sample status is always available and more.
You safeguard your critical biological material and because your staff are free to focus on other priorities you also safeguard your budget.

Many millions of biological samples are already in storage and the number is increasing daily.

The Cryogatt RFID Tagging System benefits:

  • Locating any sample is accurate, quick and easy
  • No line of sight is needed for identification
  • A continuous rolling audit is maintained
  • Crucial data, history and location are kept updated
  • No manual handling or unnecessary removal of samples is needed, so eliminating risk of dangerous temperature rise
  • Cryogenic storage space can be fully utilised
  • Full compliance is maintained
  • Cryogatt tags can be retrospectively fitted to existing material in storage
  • The system easily interfaces with your existing computer systems
  • You have complete peace of mind


“The Division of Cell Biology at NISBC has adopted the Cryogatt system of software and RFID readers to track cryotubes used in the production of cell banks.
Having gained 12 months experience of reliable reading at -190C, the system has been brought into routine use”

Ross Hawkins PhD, Division of Advanced Therapies, National Institute for Biological Standards & Control (NISBC)

Laboratories & Bio Banks

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