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Trusted Cryogenic RFID Solutions

Cryogatt has established itself as a trusted provider of cryogenic RFID hardware, software, and systems to research laboratories, biobanks, ART clinics, and the Cell and Gene Therapy sectors.

Electronic Witnessing at -196°C

Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to ensure reliable processing, storage and traceability of critical biological specimens, down to -196°C.

Meeting your Needs

By working closely with each client to understand their specific needs, the team at Cryogatt can offer tailored RFID solutions with integrated software platforms or bespoke hardware designs.


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Cryogenic RFID solutions that make storing critical samples safer, quicker & more cost-effective

Automated Benefits RFID Tagging 2D Barcoding Written Labels
Automatic location checking
Easy read through frosting
Unique electronic data
Fast, accurate audits
Secure data
Double-witnessing removed
Minimal risk of temperature rise
Multiple container reading

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